Me-n-Ed's Custom Pizza Creation Contest!

Posted on February 28, 2015 by Cris Florian

Custom Pizza Creation Contest Details!  Accepting Entries from March 1st to 14th!

Here at Me-n-Ed’s we like to keep our menu current by adding a new feature pizza every three months. In recent months we’ve experimented with tasty pulled pork, butter chicken, Sriracha and Oktoberfest pizzas.

As far as the next feature goes, we want everyone to be a part of it!  So many of our customers create their own combinations of toppings that look phenomenal (although, sometimes slightly weird) but we want to encourage this kind of behavior and let all our loyal customers into the pizza creation process. Send in your original combination of toppings to enter the contest and potentially have it featured on the menu at all five of our locations!

Why should you enter? Because we’ll be donating $1000 to a registered charity of your choice! We’ll also give the winner a $200 gift card so you can share your pizza creation with friends and family.

Anything goes for toppings, cheeses, sauces – whether we currently carry it or not. Go ahead, get weird. You can scan our current menu list of toppings for inspiration. We’re looking for creativity but also just the plain and simple tastiest pizza around.

When submitting your pizza recipe don’t forget to include;

-  your name

-  phone number

-  email address

-  and a ‘catchy’ name for your pie if you have one!

We will be accepting entries to the contest from March 1st to 14th and will be featuring the winning recipe in all our 5 locations starting April 1st.

You can enter by emailing us at or via Facebook message or post – just remember to tag us @Me-n-Ed’s Pizza!

Good luck!

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